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Sony DVP-S570D DVD Player issues

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My Sony DVP-S570D DVD player has developed an unusual problem, and I'm hoping someone here can shed some light for me.
When playing longer DVDs, at some point the image freezes and then small colored squares that look like they might be parts of later frames appear. Sometimes the DVD player will then skip back to an earlier chapter on the disk. Other times it will just stay frozen.
If I remove the DVD, leave the drive tray open, and allow the DVD to cool and then put it back in, I can return to the chapter where playback failed, and view the remainder of the movie without any problems. Clearly this a heat problem. The unit seems to have sufficient space for air circulation, but not much in the way of venting slots in the case.
Is this common for this model of player? Has this been documented by Sony or enthusiasts and is there a quick fix short of replacement or repair? If not, I understand I'm stuck taking it in for work (either at the place of purchase or a Sony service center).

Any help will be apprecited.

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Thank you.
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Установи на проц. радиатор,кулер с видео карты.....
Мастер Добрых Дел
Мастер Добрых Дел
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alexander3311, почему сразу,кулер на проц?Автор дал мало информации,что да как!
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Согласен- информации около нуля! Но пишет,что греется. Про литы молчит.

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