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TECHLINE TL37LC700 LCDTV color problem

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Сообщение #1 от 24/11/2008 21:44 цитата  

Hi everybody
I've problem with TECHLINE 37"LCD TV,sound OK,but picture distorsed,so green color instead black,bright white is blue.
Any suggestion???
psu model is 17pw15-8,mainboard 17MB15E-3,lcd display LC370WX1 (SL01) LG Philips...
On PSU board the voltages are OK from Vestel ServiceManual,mainboard maybe OK,I got 2 another system or MainBoard,same result,2 lcd

controller board ,same result...flat cables ok.what else,i've reprogrammed the eeprom 24c32 same thing.....just to mention that in service

menu there is no picture menu for adjusting just other submenus!??? any ideas????
Please help me! рёв в три ручья

ДОБАВЛЕНО 24/11/2008 22:59


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Сообщение #2 от 25/11/2008 08:22 цитата  

pecello, Шлейф ЛВДС почисти ! смех Незачем память трогать !

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