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lg 50LB659

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hello experts
i have this problem on my lg
when i start the tv the screen is black but the back light is on .if i disconnect one side of the reebons that is connected from the lcd to the main board i get a picture on the half of the screen .but when i connect this side back there is no picture at i assume the other half of the screen cause a short to the tcon board and prevent it ro display .the tcon is integrated in the main board not separate.
is it possible that the half of a screen will be defected.anyone has experience this ??
any suggestions??

Рождённый в СССР
Рождённый в СССР
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А по одному подключать, и та и та половина показывает?
Иван Зенин 
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Иван Зенин
Сообщение #3 от 20/12/2017 20:23 цитата  

shopyd, Carefully examine the defective bar for short-circuited ceramic capacitors.

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