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LED Philips 55PFL8007K/12 , turned off

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Chassis / Version: QFU1.1E LA
Power Supply: FSP197-4FS01 2722 171 90676 REV: 01
Panel: LTA550HQ19
Main board: 3104 308 98314


The TV is completely turned off.
The voltages I read are 3v3s = 3v3 and STB = 3v1.
if I disconnect the cables from the main-board to the power supply, the LEDs do not light up.
Even with LVDS cable, the situation is the same.
with ignition pulse known that the STB = 3v1 always remains high.
So nothing 12 volts.
I reprogrammed the spiflash 7CT3 (M25P10), on pin 2 of the 1M95 connector the power supply has passed
at a low logic level, from 3v1 to 0 volts. The 12 volts, now, is present,
like the other feeds on the mainboard. The front indication led continues to remain off.
If I leave the TV for about 2 minutes with the power plug inserted,
on pin2 of 1M95 the 0 volts power supply switches to 3V1, the 12 v (logically)
it is no longer present and the red LED on the front of the TV flashes 2 times.
Activating the SDM service procedure the LED shows 5 slow flashes and 3 quick flashes,
Error code 53.
The bin used to reprogram the SPI is for a Fusion 77 processor
While the processor on the main is a Fusion P240 FNP202-B1E32.
Can this be the problem?
The panel continues to remain dark, there is no backlight.
Thank you .
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Сообщение #2 от 17/05/2019 13:13 цитата  

Search for SPI firmware 46PFL8007T / 12 (Fusion P240 FNP202-B1E32)

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