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Можно в место STR X6750 менять на STR X6456

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Телек Модель SAMSUNG Model SP-43R1HLR. Code: SP43R1HL1X VERSION-1
Шасси BP41-00245B PWR-DEF
Работает на STR X6750 под рукой сейчас только STR X6456 с другого телек такая же рабочий проекционка
Могу поменять ?
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Сообщение #2 от 06/08/2021 14:27 цитата  

I have a string like this (read from scanning a barcode):

str = val1\^_val2\^_val3\^_

and I want to replace the \^_ with a pipe character (|)

but when I try and do:

str = [str stringByReplacingOccurrencesOfString:@"\^_" withString:@"|"]; gives me a warning 'unknown escape sequence '\'^'

Oddly if I just try to replace the ^_ with the | it still doesn't do it. No warning, but the string still has the \^_ between the values.

Can anyone help with what I'm trying to do? If I send the full string to javascript (which I need to), it comes as val1val2val3 and I need them splittable into an array.

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