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I have some Esseti mma/tig welder with motherboard Esseti S270
transistor in full bridge is blown and before one year i change with FCB20N60F d2pak (to-263)
Welder is working but no full power i think,in MMA mode welding is not good,
in TIG mode is ok i think.
yesterday i try to put Toshiba 50JR22 IGBT from aliexpress
machine is power up on mma i try with small wire an is working after switch in TIG mode and stand by is ok 65 volt and i try welding with small wire kaboom all 4 transistor is blown
i check all gate driver is ok board i clean nothing is damaged some pcb wiring to gate is cut but i put small wire
FCB20N60F is mosfet
50JR22 is IGBT I'm not sure original transistor is mosfet or igbt ?maybe problem is in the fake transistor from aliexpress ?
Please help somebody if have experience with this i am lost

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Сообщение #2 от 24/10/2022 16:47 цитата  

FCB20N60F is n-channel mosfet. Use
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Сообщение #3 от 24/10/2022 19:07 цитата  

FCB20N60F is n-channel mosfet. Use

that is correct i already wrote on the post FCB20N60F is mosfet but need somebody if have documentation or picture from transistor board
original transistor i am not sure that is mosfet or igbt
machine is the similar with Miniselma-150 or Esseti C150 Safe and esseti Thor 170 C
on the transistor board is also 4 Schottky diode DSEI 19-06AS

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