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tv LG 60PN6500 (?) PSU P/N: EAY62812701 EAY64880001 no power

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Сообщение #1 от 20/03/2019 01:05 цитата  

tv is not calling, no life . source board tv input with broken tracks as attached images . it would be very useful to find the schematic diagram of the source board (PSU)

I used a light bulb in series just at the power supply input of tv and when I plugged it into the AC outlet the lamp lit up at maximum brightness indicating short on some component of the source

ДОБАВЛЕНО 20/03/2019 02:11

code provided by me EAY64880001 is wrong, the correct one is EAX64880001

ДОБАВЛЕНО 20/03/2019 02:12

I need diagram schematic EAY64880001 EAX64880001

  tvlgplasma1.pdf  59.26 КБ  Скачано: 129 раз(а)
  tvlgplasma.pdf  107.82 КБ  Скачано: 132 раз(а)

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