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Народ помогите , мультизонировать DVD Magnavox MSD124

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Народ помогите , может кто знает как мультизонировать DVD Magnavox MSD124
В нете искал на MSD124 ничё нету, перепробовал все коды более старших моделей ... облом... неодобрение

Нашел вот такую бороду может кто расшифрует неразумному...
" Magnavox MSD124 1 user hacks Add hack August 21, 2005 Click here for DVD Compatibility
Other hack posted by Willie Bill, August 21 2005:
Matt -
RE: loosing your original remote:

Try an older (I mean older) all in one & look for a code there. I found that the Radio Shack universal 5 in 1 model # 15-2103 uses DVD code 0675. (Magnavox) But some of the buttons are changed.

Also, try local pawn shops. They always have left over remotes. I found one there. ‘Ya just never know.

As far as I know, codes are not universal between the remote manufacturers, so this complicates matters.

Good Luck.


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