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Asus Laptop Display Issues

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I am trying to solve a problem with my friend's Asus gaming laptop. Over the past 2 years we have replaced the DC power jack multiple times because the design of the case/motherboard/power adapter puts tremendous stress on the power jack, causing it to separate from the motherboard. That's a history of our repairs, but that isn't the current problem.
About 2 months ago, his laptop stopped powering on one morning. It powers on after you push the power button, the fans and HDD spin up, the keyboard lights up, and then shuts off. Nothing on the screen and only on for 3-5 seconds. I took a look originally, but its been sitting on my shelf until yesterday. When we looked at it again, I noticed that only one fan, the CPU cooling fan, was spinning up. After swapping GPU and CPU fans, both would spin up but the computer still shut off. Then I tried unplugging the monitor cables. Remarkably, the laptop stayed powered on. After reassembling the laptop without the display, we spent 5+ hours gaming with the laptop plugged into an external monitor.
My current theory is that there must be a short in the laptop display that causes it to turn off. Is this likely and if so an easy fix? Would it be better to just use the laptop as a desktop computer?

Any help will be apprecited.

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